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2nd Annual Crappie Shed Classic
January, 14th 2023 

We will pay the biggest crappie. Payout structure (based on 40 teams) 1st place $660, 2nd place $440, 3rd place $100, Big Fish $200. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place will receive plaques. (There will be 1 plaque per team) No membership required. The rules our posted on our website below.

We will be selling raffle tickets, 5 tickets for $20 (Cash Only). The prizes are updated on our website. If interested in donating items please call Brad Thomas at 402-915-ten 24.


Registration 7 AM - 7:30 AM

Rules Meeting 7:30 AM

National Anthem: 7:45 AM

Fishing Hours: 8 AM - 2 PM

Weigh In: 2:30 PM

Awards & Raffles: 3:15 PM




TEAMS: You may enter alone or with a partner of your choice. No more than two (2) person will be allowed during tournament hours.

RULES MEETING: One team member must be present at the rules meeting and remain until the rules meeting is dismissed unless approved by the Tournament Director for emergency reasons.


  • 4 Best Crappie

  • 2 Best Bluegill

  • 2 Best Walleye

  • 1 Bonus Fish that will get you an additional 1 lb. This can be one fish of the following species Bass, Catfish, or Pike.


The team with the highest weight will be declared the winner.​

In the event of a tie whichever team has the biggest fish will break the tie. If the big fish are the same, we will continue to the next big fish until we are able to break the tie.

FISHING HOURS: Fishing hours will be posted on our website or Facebook page and will be announced at the Rules Meeting.

STATE LAW: Teams must comply with all state regulations. Fishing licenses are the responsibility of the team members. State fishing laws supersede tournament rules. Violation of state or lake laws is grounds for disqualification. 

REGISTRATION: You must register and pay on our website. Tournament fees do not include fees that may be incurred at a particular body of water. Tournament fees are non refundable.

TOURNAMENT PAYOUT: The top 3 teams and big fish winner will receive plaques. $10 from each team's entrée will go into the big fish pot, 3rd place will receive its entrée fee back and the money left over from all that will be split up 40% to 2nd place and 60% to 1st place. 30% goes to the Corn Belt Crappie Trail.

SPORTMASNSHIP: Sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation are expected from each Angler. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principles may be cause for disqualification. A determination of unsportsmanlike conduct will be up to the Tournament Director.


  • Two (2) person teams

  • Must be within 10 paces of your partner and 10 paces away from another team

  • Nebraska Ice Tournament no live bait or any motored devices on the ice. For example, 4 wheelers. 

WEATHER: Anglers are to exercise their own best judgment for safety when considering whether to fish in a tournament or not. The Corn Belt Crappie Trail retains the exclusive right to decide on cancelling or postponing an event due to inclement weather. If an event is canceled or postponed, the Tournament Official or his designee will announce the decision at the earliest possible time.

CHEATING INQUIRIES: Any inquiries of cheating will be handled by the Tournament Director. Any angler found cheating during a tournament is subject to disqualification from the tournament, forfeiture of any and all prizes, and a lifetime ban of membership and participation in any Corn Belt Crappie Trail events.

In the event of a rule violation, the Tournament Director may impose such penalties as deemed appropriate by them, including without limitation, disqualification, forfeiture of entry fee and prizes, and prohibition from participation in subsequent tournaments.

LITERING: Deposit trash in containers available on site.

SAFETY: Participants and spectators attend the event at their own risk. Please use caution and common sense when traveling on the ice. Avoid this ice or open water.

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